Working with highly reputable winemakers around the world, International First Growths aims to help promote and sell their wine via La Place de Bordeaux distribution system – the oldest and most developed trading platform in the world.

La Place de Bordeaux provides an opportunity for wine producers to showcase their authenticity, heritage, qualitative character, regional identity and longevity, as well as position their brands amongst the world’s finest.

How We Work


International First Growths is purposed with finding and promoting the world’s finest wines in the highly specialised ultra-premium international marketplace of La Place de Bordeaux.

These highly reputable wines already have a track record of performance in primary and secondary wine markets – built on authenticity, heritage, qualitative character, regional identity and longevity.

Strategic Insight

International First Growths has years of experience in the international wine marketing, including La Place de Bordeaux. This allows us to work with both the producer and négociant at all levels all across the world. Our aim is to give producers the insights they need to drive their brand and succeed in a difficult global market.

Expanding Markets

International First Growths is here to facilitate market expansion with their négociant network. Whether a producer is established in their own market and wants to expand internationally, or already has an international presence they wish to improve or align, International First Growths is here to facilitate expansion into wider fine wine markets. 


Moving onto La Place requires a strong conviction and willingness to compete with the greatest wines of the world. International First Growths advocates for both the producer and négociant, helping to bind mutual objectives that build brand recognition and broaden sales internationally – with a long term view of success.

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