C.V.N.E Real de Asúa

A tribute to the founders of a mythical Company. This wine speaks of a region that is brimming with confidence and show how the oldest Rioja houses can harbour some of the most exciting innovations.


A superb producer primarily from Rioja in Spain, CVNE operate a number of wineries under different brand names. Their core winery, operating since 1879, produces some of the finest wines in the region.

About C.V.N.E

The Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España, or C.V.N.E., was founded in 1879 by two brothers, Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa.

The brothers came from Bilbao, where the family owned a shipping company. Eusebio moved to the drier climate of Haro, La Rioja, for health reasons. His move coincided with the phylloxera crisis in France; the brothers spotted an opportunity and lept into the wine business. In later years, the family sealed its commitment to producing wine by selling its ships to the British Royal Navy, as it prepared for the Great War.

To this day, C.V.N.E. remains firmly in the hands of the founding family, and is considered one of Rioja’s first growths. “Real de Asúa” was born as a tribute to its founders, the Real de Asúa brothers, and to the cities of Bilbao and Haro that saw them and the Company flourish.

Current Release
2020 CVNE Real de Asúa
Track Record
Track Record Real de Asúa
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