Destiny Bay Magna Praemia

“Consistent quality and an unwavering focus on making one of the best cabernet blends in the world is what the Destiny Bay brand is all about. No exceptions. No excuses.” – Sean Spratt, winemaker.

From the famous Waiheke Island of New Zealand, Destiny Bay has a unique commitment to quality starting with their unique property and micro-climate of their corner of Waiheke Island. Their wines are truly not to be missed.

About Destiny Bay

Destiny Bay Vineyards is located on a small island in the Hauraki Gulf approximately nineteen kilometres northeast of Auckland,New Zealand. Situated on the sheltered southern edge of the island, the vineyard is planted in a small, crater-shaped valley that opens toward the north. Established and planted in 2000 with the winery’s first commercial vintage in 2005.

About Sean Spratt

Sean not only holds the role of Winemaker at Destiny Bay but also takes charge of overseeing various aspects of the winery’s operations. From grape cultivation and winemaking to distribution and customer support, he manages the diverse elements that contribute to Destiny Bay’s success. With a wealth of business and technical expertise, coupled with an unwavering passion for wine, Sean offers a distinctive approach to creating refined Cabernet blends. His exceptional creations have garnered critical acclaim, placing them on par with esteemed French First Growths, renowned Italian Super Tuscans, and highly sought-after wines from Australia and California.

Current Release
2020 Destiny Bay Magna Praemia
Track Record
The Pedigree of Magna Praemia
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